Luna Pastels

Luna Pastels


Let your heart take you                                 where you belong.

My painting joumey started during the home-confinement days of Covid-19 in the summer of 2021.  After learning from hundreds of reels and videos by talented and generous artists, doodling with pencils and toying with watercolours became a pastime activity. However, it was not until the last month of 2022 that I stumbled upon soft pastels and started to paint with more consistency.

My passion flows out of the purity and vibrancy of colours unique to soft pastels. When I am drawn to admire my trays of intense brightness and darkness, I am inspired to paint. And as I hold a magical handcrafted pigment stick at my fingertips, I am invited to experience a creative process through the very nature of freedom, versatility and directness of soft pastels. 

I paint with simplicity from my heart.

With love and Light, G